Stop the March For England, Brighton 2014 (Report)

Nice Sunday in Brighton, where members of the RH witnessed first hand the warm welcome organized by thousands of Brightonians and antifascists for the pitiful bunch of nazi drunkard thugs and their likes.

As a matter of fact, the locals loved the fascists so much, that they tried to convince them not to take the train back home and stay in Brighton. Forever.

As always, the police acted as personal security for the fash, even after the latter had dragged their booze-filled bellies back to the train.

Fascist surrounded by locals and antifa welcome committee
Fascists surrounded and certainly not in a “bright helm” yesterday





March For England 2014!

Be seeing you at the seaside!

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Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! It’s that time of year again when 100s of anti-fascists converge on Brighton in a massive show of solidarity whilst a 100 or so far right arsespangles bugle about on the seafront behind 10 times that amount of plod and specially erected fences for their own protection. This year the March For England is more like a short hop as they have been generously granted 400 yards near the seafront to do whatever it is they do and they have been talking it up somewhat.

Next Sunday will be a useful insight into the state of the far right as it is rife with its usual treachery, factionalism and inability to organise much beyond a trip to the off-licence. On Friday, a whole 8 far right protesters turned up for some reason at a mosque in London, which is about all they can gather these…

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