The “Rabbit Hole” addresses all students (undergrads, masters and postgraduates) and employees (academics, technicians, administrative, catering and caretaking staff) of the University of Southampton. We believe that the university should not only be the faceless factory of our career-building, but also a place of opportunity for us to grow as persons and members of the society. Its multicultural environment offers a unique moment to bridge cultures, confronting and debating with people from all over the world on that sort of problems that too often we neglect, because we are too concentrated on ourselves. Too often the minor issues of our everyday lives make us ignore and take no interest in what is happening in the world around us. The mainstream media offer a biased view of reality, at the services of a growing culture of indifference and inactivity.

We want to take back the control of our personal education, by organizing events and activities, through which we will attempt to view the world around us in a critical and constructive way. We aim to find and propose new sources of information and analyse the reality by using tools that are different from those that the mainstream regimes of truth is proposing.

We want you to join forces with us, so that we organise events, such as projections of documentaries and films, debates, concerts, workshops on topics like the economic crisis and its impact on our lives, ethics in research and education, known and unknown wars that ravage the world, racism, homophobia, our relation with the environment, animal rights and much more.

If you think the above are just words upon paper, well guess what: they are affecting your everyday life much more than you ever imagined.

If you are a person who likes to think out of the frame, join us by looking at our webpage, or follow the White Rabbit.


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